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About mark casey.

Mark Casey is a visionary marketing and SEO specialist who unites experience with innovative thinking to provide his clients with the best opportunity to excel in the online marketplace. Applying his degree in Marketing and Branding, Mark has developed a reputation for driving results in the online sales realm through cutting-edge strategies. As an Amazon expert, Mark has helped over 5000 clients to achieve success on the platform. Over the course of several years, he has cultivated a winning system based on in-depth knowledge of Amazon ranking factors and listing strategies.

Mark dedicated himself to fully understanding the science behind where a product ranks on Amazon and how to optimize product listings for the highest rate of conversion. Working under a top 500 company, for example, he helped to enhance their Amazon page which contributed to their current nine-figure annual earnings. Through his personal brand, MarkCaseySEO, he assists clients both big and small to achieve similar results by improving their Amazon strategy. Staying up to date on the latest technological changes and ranking factors, Mark provides his clients with the best resources available to reach new heights of success in the world of e-commerce.


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